How do Precision Ketogenic Therapy (PKT) clinic visits work with Telehealth?

Listservs and social media have discussed increased use of Telehealth in administering ketogenic diets to treat a variety of health issues. A recent publication reports successful use of telehealth to administer ketogenic diets at two pediatric epilepsy centers (2). Our experience using telehealth for PKT outpatient visits continues to be positive. University of Florida is using special Zoom rooms with free apps easy to download to a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc. (link 1). Instructions or helpful hints are available for successful setup of telecommunications equipment (link 2), gathering of information about what has happened since the last visit that will help the current visit (link 3), and tips for preparing questions you want to ask during the visit (link 4). Telemedicine visit scheduling, frequency, and length are like in person visits (link 5). Sample collections for clinical labs can be done locally (link 6). 

Post by Paige Applegate