HUN 6255 – Clinical Nutrition

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The purpose of the course is to provide opportunities for students to increase their knowledge of clinical nutrition, to critically read the current literature and to communicate these clinical nutrition ideas to both the individuals who need to implement them and to their professional colleagues who are working with similar populations. Each student will be responsible for applying clinical nutrition concepts to a population with characteristics that they anticipate will be included in their future practice or research


By the end of this course, students will:
• Practice reading and evaluating the current literature concerning clinical nutrition.
• Demonstrate their skills at leading and participating in oral discussions concerning application of clinical nutrition concepts to specific populations.
• Students enrolled in the course are preparing themselves for academic positions teaching clinical nutrition to undergraduate students, students will develop the skills to prepare lectures for teaching adult clinical nutrition.
• Create a series of PowerPoint lectures to instruct a class of students on how to administer nutrition to a series of specific clinical populations.