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Our program focuses on the biochemical foundations of the metabolic status found in different physiological states and how an understanding of the biochemistry naturally leads to interventions to maintain health or to treat disease.

Fundamentals of Biochemistry

Introducing biochemistry with emphasis on intermediary metabolism.

Nutritional Aspects of Lipids

Role of lipids in nutrition, with emphasis on energy metabolism and derangements in chronic diseases.

Clinical Nutrition

Nutritional requirements and metabolism of nutrients in normal individuals, altered nutritional requirements and metabolism of nutrients in different disease states, and practical aspects of nutritional and metabolic support of different types of patients. The course is custom designed for the students enrolled.

Macronutrients in Human Nutrition

Class designed to survey macronutrients for Master’s in Dietetic’s (MSDI) students.  It is team taught and the Lipid module is our focus. 

Clinical Nutrition for 4th Year Medical Students

Series of modules to assess nutritional intake, to find electronic sources of credible nutrition content needed by patients and healthcare professionals, and to present nutrition information in formats designed for the different audiences.

Special Topics Cure Class

Research class for first year undergraduate honors students to address the question “Foodomics – What is in the Food We Eat and Use to Treat Patients?”.


Our interdisciplinary approach brings together a diverse group of professionals to find answers that make a difference. 


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