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Biochemistry is the chemistry of life.

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BCH 3025 focuses on the biochemistry of whole organisms (microbes, plants, nonhuman animals, and humans) and how their biochemical processes are integrated during health and during disease. 
The goal of the course is that at its completion the student will be able to: 
  • Identify Biochemical Structures 
  • Connect Catalysis to Life 
  • Deconstruct Bioenergetics 
  • Integrate Metabolism 
  • Decipher Information Pathways 
  • Predict Phenotype Using Biochemistry 
  • Relate Biochemistry to Their Future 
The course consists of:  
    • 25 modules listed in the syllabus with 25 quizzes and 4 major exams 
    • 4 required Treasure Hunts each with an optional Flawless Diamond for extra points 
    • Journal Club with 6 required successive steps listed in the syllabus
    • An optional Extra Credit Paper 

Treasure Hunts provide the student with four opportunities to find an example of something on the internet pertaining to biochemical topics in modules that have recently been completed and explain why a practicing biochemist would consideit a treasure. 

Student can earn extra credit by posting their Treasure Hunt Treasure to a discussion board, voting for the best one (flawless diamond), and explaining why they chose it. 

Each student chooses a recent biochemistry article from list of peer-reviewed journals and creates a journal club presentation  The activity include6 steps as an author and then as an editor for another authorEach step must be completed before one can continue to the next step.  

Foextra credit, students choose from more than 100 potential topics or submit a proposal for a different topic. The topic is reviewed and discussed in a paper using peerreviewed sources.