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Paige Applegate

Paige Applegate majored in Computer Science. She worked on patient queries with data visualization outputs for patients. Paige spent most of her senior year with the PKT lab, she graduated Fall 2021.

Devin Blem

Devin Blem was a Computer Science major and worked with the lab throughout 2021. His work focused on the Foodomics database.

Dylan Booth

Dylan Booth was a Computer Science major. His project focused on the Diet Prescription Calculator. Devin worked with our team throughout 2021.

Stuart Case

Stuart Case majored in Nutritional Sciences and Microbiology & cell science. The purpose of his project was to improve efficacy and long term use of Precision Ketogenic Therapy by discovering how it modulates metabolism and physiology. Stuart was on our clinical team in 2020.

Svea Chang

Svea Chang graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences from Cornell University in December 2020. She was in the lab throughout 2021 helping Dr. Borum with courses, conducting research on ketogenic therapy, coordinating patient care, and designing graphics for our website and patient materials.

Olivia Fisher

Olivia Fisher completed an internship with the PKT program in Fall 2020. She created educational material for patients and families, developed pages for the website, and designed many templates and diagrams for use throughout the PKT program. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Behavior in 2020.

Javier Moreno Flores

Javier Moreno Flores is majoring in Biochemistry. The purpose of his project is to further develop the biostatistical and data management procedures for patient care and for research in the Precision Ketogenic Therapy program. Javier worked with the lab starting in 2020 until Summer 2021.

Isabelle Gain

Isabelle Gain is a Health Education & Behavior major who worked with the Borum lab from January 2020 to April 2021. While at the lab, Isabelle developed a lacto-ovo vegetarian precision ketogenic therapy (LOVPKT) cookbook, while also working on the Foodomics Database, recipe making, and telehealth visits. In Spring 2021 Isabelle was as a student assistant with the 2021 CURE course ALS4932 “CURE: PKT Through the Life Cycle”.

Kelsi Garcia

Kelsi Garcia received a BS in Dietetics from James Madison University in August 2020. She is pursuing a M.S./D.I. in Human Nutrition and Food Science, and worked with the Borum Lab on systematic review of ketogenic diets and neurological diseases in children until 2022.

Kylie Grant

Kylie Grant majors in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology, and the purpose of her project is to establish the foodomics database required to expand the precision of intake during administration of Precision Ketogenic Therapy. Kylie worked with the Borum lab throughout 2020 and Spring of 2021.

Riley Guerin

Riley Guerin was an intern with the lab in Spring 2021 before graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education. During her time at the lab, Riley’s research focused on writing and revising standard operating procedures, visiting with patients, and helping with recipes and diet prescriptions.

Seth Hendricks

Seth Hendricks was with the lab in the Spring of 2021.  He organized patient files and entered data into the patient database.

Fareed Khamitov

Fareed Khamitov majored in Computer Science. He worked on the recipe book database throughout 2021.

Taylor Lam

Taylor Lam was an intern with the lab in Spring 2021 before graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education. Taylor’s work included developing Standard Operating Procedures, attending telehealth appointments with patients, and making diet prescriptions.

Sarah Lozon

Sarah Lozon served as a Research Laboratory Assistant in 2021 while completing a Nutritional Sciences degree. The majority of her time in the lab was spent working on patient recipes, auditing final recipes to be sent to families, and inputting food products into the PKT database.

Tyler Mueller

Tyler Mueller majored in Computer Science & Engineering . He was with our team throughout 2021 and worked on the foodomics intake calculator.

Shelby Myers

Shelby Myers was a research assistant in Dr. Borum’s lab for more than a year. She worked in the lab with updating and adding to the nutritional database, researching ketoacidosis,  creating recipes for PKT patients, and working with patients. She graduated in 2021.

Saahi Nagulapalli

Saahi Nagulapalli worked in the PKT lab from August 2020 to May 2021. During her time at the lab, she worked on the Foodomics database and refining meal rations for patients. She will graduate in May 2023 with a degree in Nutritional Sciences.

Octavio Ochoa

Octavio Ochoa was with the lab team in 2020 and Summer of 2021. He serves as a data consultant for the lab.  His work focused on data science application, creating a database for the lab’s clinical data, and designing the user interface for the lab’s web app and data entry functions. Octavio graduated with a Computer Science degree in August 2021.

Derek Padilla

Derek Padilla worked with the lab from 2020 until Spring of 2021 graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science.  He is a consultant for the lab.  Derek’s work focused on developing a software for managing the lab’s clinical data, as well as creating a ResVault platform and a database.

Presley Pettit

Presley Pettit is majoring in Dietetics and her project’s purpose was to systematically review the literature concerning changes in the gut microbiome associated with nutritional ketosis and the possible role these microbes play in the mechanism of Precision Ketogenic Therapy. Presley worked in our lab 2020-2021.

Berlin Sankar

Berlin Sankar majored in Computer Science. She was with the PKT team through 2021 and worked on the continuous development of our PKT database and calculators.

Michael Shi

The purpose of Michael’s project is to establish telehealth Precision Ketogenic Therapy with procedures based on scientific and clinical practice literature. Michael is majoring in Philosophy and was with the Borum lab from 2020-2021.

Ciera Smith

Ciera Smith is a Health Education and Behavior graduate who worked with the Borum lab in summer 2021. Her work focused on website design, digital communications, and organizational support.

Ben Weiss

Ben Weiss was with the Borum lab from August 2020 to May 2021 before graduating with a computer science degree. His time in the lab focused on the PKT research database and developing a PKT app.

Adam Weizman

Adam Weizman graduated with a dual major in Music and Computer Science in 2021.  He worked in the lab throughout 2021 on the PKT cookbook and recipe databases.

Gregory "Scott" Wilkinson

Gregory “Scott” Wilkinson majoried in Computer Science. His project focused on the Foodomics Database Metabolite Calculator. He was with the team Summer and Fall of 2021, when he graduated.

Being a member of Dr. Borum’s precision ketogenic therapy (PKT) laboratory this past semester has shaped my process of thinking in a way that will stick with me for a long time.

I had the opportunity to work with a supportive team and a diverse population of patients. I did not know anything about PKT before this experience and have learned so much about the type of work that goes into formulating a specific therapy plan for each patient. Observing the way diet, medications, nutritional supplements, and overall response levels of patients in this lab has been really incredible because of how it can positively impact their quality of life.

The majority of my time in the lab was spent working on patient recipes, auditing final recipes to be sent out to families, and inputting food products into the PKT database. My goal was to make unique and creative meals for patients that would be palatable without it seeming like it was a strict diet. I would also ensure that common food items used by families would be accounted for in the recipes to not completely change their grocery list. Seeing patient progress and hearing positive feedback on recipes was a huge motivator.”   

 Sarah Lozon, lab team, 2020

I worked as a research assistant in Dr. Borum’s lab and learned more in a year of experience than I could in other positions

Dr. Borum gives students the amazing opportunity of being involved in the care of patients, while also helping conduct work in the research lab. I was able to truly help others by working on the precision ketogenic therapy (PKT) with other lab members; it is a group effort. The lab members work with one another to help patients and improve the productivity and efficiency of the lab.

I, specifically, worked in the lab with updating and adding to the nutritional database, researching ketoacidosis and how it influences this therapy, and creating recipes for PKT patients. I also was able to join patient calls with Dr. Borum to document their progress, their experience, and their requests for recipes. I learned how important it is as a provider to listen to the patient and how important it is to communicate with others when providing requests for the patients. By weekly lab meetings, lab members, Dr. Borum, and I were able to hear the progress and stay updated on the work in the lab. We also conducted weekly coffee chats to keep connected during the pandemic and talk about our interests for any topics we found fitting. This created an extremely positive and supportive community with the lab members and Dr. Borum. I am very thankful for this experience and the valuable lessons I have learned, which I will take with me as I continue on with my pre-health career.     

Shelby Myers, Research Assistant, 2020