Difference Makers

Our Lab is broken down into Teams that specialize in a specific area of our program.  The Teams don’t only work among themselves but with the other Teams to accomplish the many projects and goals.

Harleen Kahlon

Harleen Kahlon is a Nutritional Sciences major who is also on the pre-med track.  She is a Co-leader of the Diet Rx and Recipes Team. Harleen’s work will focus on nutrient runs, recipe development, and seeing patients, as she works with the lab through 2024.

Health Education and Behavior Interns

Maddy Campellone

Maddy Campellone


Haley Horton

Chloe Shearan

The KetoAssistant Team


Kaley Hildebrand

Kaley Hildebrand is a fourth year entomology major who joined our lab in August 2022. She has been involved in research projects since she was a sophomore, and joined the lab to combine her love of problem-solving and desire to serve patients. Her main goal this semester is to help update the PKT Foodomics Database so patients can use the database ingredients in recipes. Upon graduating in spring 2023, she will attend medical school and use her lab experience to continue researching topics in neurology.

Renata Martinez

Renata Martinez is a Food Science Major.  She is currently defining her project in the the PKT lab and will graduate in 2024.

Laura Suarez Morales

Laura Suarez Morales is a Nutritional Sciences Major. She is researching food’s nutrient composition to refresh and improve the PKT Foodomics Database, which is incorporated into the PKT recipes. Her goal in the lab is to help finalize the PKT Cookbook, so patients have a wide variety of recipes available on the PKT website. She hopes to take her experience in the lab and follow the clinical dietician path to educate the public about using food as medicine.


Giang Phan

The Administrative and Instructional Team

Paige Applegate

Paige Applegate is an assistant who graduated with a Balchelor of Science in Computer Science in 2021. She manages the website. 

Samantha Waterman

Samantha Waterman is an assistant to the lab team who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education in 2021. She works on health education material for patients and for healthcare professionals starting their own PKT programs.