Difference Makers

Our Lab is broken down into Teams that specialize in a specific area of our program.  The Teams don’t only work among themselves but with the other Teams to accomplish the many projects and goals.

Ila Bagheri

Ila Bagheri is a behavioral and cognitive neuroscience major. His project focuses on updating and maintaining the Foodomics database, and working closely with patients as a keto buddy. Ila has been with the team since 2021.

Bianca Barroso

Bianca Barroso is a behavioral and cognitive neuroscience major under a pre-med track. Her work is focused on making recipes, attending patient visits, caring for patients, nutrition runs, and organizing keto buddies. She is planning to stay working with the clinical team through 2024.

Raymond 'Mitch' Faloona

Mitch Faloona is a Biology major. His project focuses on the clinical use of the Foodomics database, organization and assignment of nutrient runs, and implementation of fatty acid and amino acid profiles. Mitch has been with the team since 2021.

Adrienne Gefre

Adrienne Gefre majors in physics and joined the lab in July 2021.  Adrienne will work as part of the systematic review team and as a keto buddy until she graduates in 2024.

Emma Hammer

Emma Hammer majors in Nutritional Sciences and is also on the pre-Dental track. She works closely with patients and families as a KetoBuddy by helping to monitor progress and provide support. Emma joined the lab team in 2021.

Harleen Kahlon

Harleen Kahlon is a Nutritional Sciences major who is also on the pre-med track.  Harleen’s work will focus on nutrient runs, recipe development, and seeing patients, as she works with the lab through 2024.

Alexandra Kalo

Alexandra Kalo is a Nutritional Sciences major. She will be with the clinical team from 2021 until she graduates in 2023. During her time at the lab, Alexandra will lead the Foodomics group, audit recipes, and work as a Keto Buddy with our patients.

Ha Nguyen

Ha Nguyen is a Dietetics major. She will interact and make recipes for her keto buddies, go on food runs, and discuss data visualization projects. Ha believes the experience and knowledge she gains while working in Dr. Borum’s lab will carve a path for her to become a pediatric nutrition professional. Ha started in 2021 and plans to graduate in 2024.

Kaitlyn Taylor

Kaitlyn Taylor is majoring in dietetics. Her clinical work will include serving as a KetoBuddy and working on recipes until she graduates in 2024.

Renata Volonterio

Renata Volonterio is a biotechnology major as she pursues a double major in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience. Her work focuses on recipe-making for the keto program. Renata plans to be with the team from 2021-2024.

Margaret "Maggie" Wolf

Maggie Wolf is a third year health science major, eho is in the pre-med track. She has been a clinical team member since 2021 and focuses on acting as a Ketobuddy to patients, helping with recipe development, and further developing out Foodomics database.

The Data Team

Paige Applegate

Paige Applegate majors in Computer Science. She works on patient queries with data visualization outputs for patients. Paige will spend most of her senior year with the PKT lab and graduate in December 2021.

Devin Blem

Devin Blem is a Computer Science major working with the lab throughout 2021. His work focuses on the Foodomics database.

Dylan Booth

Dylan Booth is a Computer Science major. His project focuses on the Diet Prescription Calculator. Devin will work with our team throughout 2021.

Fareed Khamitov

Fareed Khamitov majors in Computer Science. He will work on the recipe book database throughout 2021.

Tyler Mueller

Tyler Mueller is a Computer Science & Engineering major. He has been with our team throughout 2021, working on the foodomics intake calculator.

Berlin Sankar

Berlin Sankar is a Computer Science major. She will be with the PKT team through 2021 working on the continuous development of our PKT database and calculators.

Adam Weisman

Adam Weizman will graduate with a dual major in Music and Computer Science in 2021. He will work with the lab throughout 2021 on the PKT cookbook and recipe databases.

Gregory "Scott" Wilkinson

Gregory “Scott” Wilkinson is majoring in Computer Science. His project focuses on the Foodomics Database Metabolite Calculator. He will be with the team until he graduates at the end of 2021.

The Clinical Data Team

Lillian Atchison

Lillian Atchison is a Biology major with a minor in Bioinformatics. She will be working on integrating medication information into the Foodomics database. She plans to be on the team until she goes on to pursue a master’s degree in 2022.

Anisha Paul

Anisha Paul majors in Computer Science. She works on patient intake database and calculator.  Anisha will spend most of her college career with the PKT lab and plans graduate in May 2025.

Amy Xie

Amy Xia is a Biology major and the purpose of her project is to examine the mechanisms of growth and its implications with patients on Precision Ketogenic Therapy. Amy has been with the team since 2020.

The Graduate Students and Interns

Kelsi Garcia

Kelsi Garcia received a BS in Dietetics from James Madison University in August 2020. She is pursuing a M.S./D.I. in Human Nutrition and Food Science, and will be working with the Borum Lab on systematic review of ketogenic diets and neurological diseases in children until 2022.

The Administrative and Instructional Team

Julie Barber

Julie Barber

Julie Barber is Dr. Borum’s Administrative Assistant. She manages the calendar, runs the website, and works with the students. 

Svea Cheng

Svea Chang graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences from Cornell University in December 2020. She will be with the lab throughout 2021 helping Dr. Borum with courses, conducting research on ketogenic therapy, coordinating patient care, and designing graphics for our website and patient materials.

Samantha Waterman

Samantha Waterman is an assistant to the lab team who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education in 2021. She works on health education material for patients and for healthcare professionals starting their own PKT programs.

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