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Introduction to Precision Ketogenic Therapy


Good Nutrition

Social Values

What is Precision Ketogenic Therapy (PKT)?

  • PKT is for many patients effective food therapy that is prescribed to treat refractory epilepsy, but it may benefit individuals with related conditions. Unlike a diet, PKT is not for weight loss and it is not temporary. PKT must be closely monitored under the supervision of a medical team.

  • PKT recipes are prescribed in specific amounts for seizure control, taste, social preferences, and good nutrition.

  • PKT is a lifestyle.  All food must be weighed to a tenth of a gram on a food scale using recipes that are personalized for your needs, it is helpful to have the love and support of friends and family members and in turn, creates social values.



What is a diet prescription?

  • The PKT diet prescription is the best way to personalize the therapy to meet your patient’s needs. The prescription includes…
    • Calories per day
      • Calories provide energy and are provided by fat, protein, and carbohydrate in food.
      • This part of the diet prescription is the best way to control weight. Calorie needs will vary and depend on your patient’s age, gender, height, weight, and physical activity level.
      • Calories are prescribed to match your child’s current intake and can be adjusted over time for ideal growth.
    •  Amount of protein per day
      • Protein helps build and preserve body muscle and tissue. Protein exists in many forms and can be found in foods such as meat, cheese, and eggs.
      • Protein is prescribed using recommendations that are based on your patient’s age and body weight.
    • Meal plan
      • The meal plan is the number of meals and snacks you want to prepare and you want your patient to eat every day.
    • Ketogenic ratio
      • The “ratio” is the strength of the therapy. It is the total grams of fat divided by the total grams of protein and carbohydrate
      • PKT can be done at many different ratios ranging from 1.5:1 to 4.0:1. A 4.0:1 ratio means that 90% of the calories in the diet come from fat.

Good Nutrition

Good Nutrition

What do PKT patients eat?

Your patient will eat similar foods to what he or she eats now but in different amounts. All meals will be based on your patent's and family’s food preferences. The meals will not be exactly the same as they are now, but they can be adjusted for PKT. Since PKT is a lifestyle, eating food should be just as enjoyable as it always has been.

Click here for samples of recipes that work for PKT.

The diet prescription and the recipes on this website are only samples and you should speak to your Keto Team about personalizing Ketogenic Therapy for your child’s needs.

Do I have to know how to cook?

  • No! Many PKT recipes do not require cooking skills beyond the use of a microwave.

What about fruits and vegetables?

  • Many fruits and vegetables are low in carbohydrates and are great for PKT. Almost every PKT recipe will have fruits or vegetables.

Social Values

Social Values

Can we travel on PKT?

Yes! Plan and talk to your Keto Team.  PKT can accommodate almost any travel needs from cruises to flights.