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Meal Making: FAQs, Tips and Tricks

What Supplies will I need?

  • Durable food scale.  The food scale must weigh to the nearest tenth of a gram and should come with a calibration weight.  It should be able to function without electricity in case of an electrical outage and with electricity for economic purposes
  • Lightweight cups, plates, and parchment paper for weighing food.
  • Droppers for weighing cream and oil.
  • Mini hand blender/mixer for whipping cream.
  • Other useful materials:
    • Ramekin dishes
    • Small spatulas and pans
food scale
Food storage containers
Ramekin Dishes
Small pan


  • It is not all butter and cream, but butter and cream are high in fat and are likely to be a part of many PKT recipes. Other sources of fat include cooking oil (canola oil), mayonnaise, salad dressings, and KetoCuisine. KetoCuisine is a flour-like Keto product that is great for making desserts, biscuits, and pancakes.
  • These sources of fat are versatile and can be incorporated into your child’s meals by simple cooking and mixing.

Different ways of using cream

  • Cream is a source of fat that is versatile and can easily be changed using the same recipe.
    • Add water to cream and serve it as “milk”.
    • Add up to one serving of sugar-free flavoring to change the taste of cream. DaVinci and Torani are sugar-free syrups that come in multiple flavors.
    • Whip cream with a fork or hand blender until it thickens. You can add up to one serving of MiO flavor enhancer as you whip the cream to form a pudding-like consistency.
    • Whipped cream can be placed in the freezer to create a quick sweet treat like ice cream.

Save time preparing meals

  • Prepare multiple meals at a time. It is good to find a time during each day to prepare all your meals for that day or for the next day.
  • Label each container, so you can grab and go.
  • Have a grocery list ready each week before you go to the store, keeping the meals you plan to prepare in mind. This will save you multiple trips to the store.

If products have the same nutrient composition according to PKT calculations, you can substitute one for the other.  Qualified products will be listed with the date verified.  Do not make substitutions that do not appear on this page.

Raspberries (last verified:   )

Publix and Greenwise


Oils (last verified:   )


Jell-O Sugar Free Pudding Mix (last verified:   )

vanilla, banana cream, butterscotch, lemon, white chocolate, and cheesecake.