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Introduction to Precision Ketogenic Therapy

Food as medicine

History of Ketogenic Diets

400 BC

Treatment of epilepsy was complete fasting. Each patient needs an individually adjusted treatment.


Ketogenic Diet created to mimic effects of fasting. Ketogenic Diet given to 37 patients in Mayo Clinic.


Anti-epileptic drugs used more than Ketogenic Diet to treat epilepsy.


Charlie Abrahams achieves seizure freedom on Ketogenic Diet. Charlie Foundation created.


Many “Ketogenic Diets” surface. Precision Ketogenic Therapy aims for precise nutrient amounts and personalized therapy.


Good Nutrition

Social Values

The nursing hat stands for 'effective"  for many patients PKT is effective food therapy.  PKT patients are closely monitored by medical and PKT teams.  Meet our Directors and PKT team members.

The chef hat stands for "good nutrition"  many of our patients have been with us for many years.  The reason that they can thrive on PKT for so long is that the recipes are nutritious and delicious.  Meet some of our patients.

The sombrero with people stands for "social values" many of our patients report that PKT meals have helped families come together and enjoy life!  Many times reducing the negative effects of some medications patients and their families have a better quality of life.  Meet some of our patients.

The four "right's about PKT

The right therapy for

the right patient in

the right amount at

the right time.