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PKT Angel - Clint

Clint was a 38-year-old patient. He had been on Precision Ketogenic Therapy for over three years and has seen improvements in his medical condition. During delivery, Clint experienced arrested labor, causing brain injury and low muscle tone. Although he previously had an issue with recurrent pneumonia, the decision to switch his feedings exclusively to his G-tube helped reduce his aspirating and subsequently reduced his incidents of pneumonia.

Clint had many hobbies. He liked watching action movies and enjoys gardening. His family lives on a farm with many animals; Clint enjoyed golf cart rides with his family. His parents, Marta and John, had explored a variety of treatment options for Clint, including participation in the Philadelphia Program and various other therapies. They are advocates for trying different treatment options, saying that ‘If you don’t try, you don’t know.’ Their commitment to Clint was strong and un-wavered by the obstacles that had arisen. Clint was an intelligent young man, and his parents treated him as such. Every day, his Mom and Dad would tell him how much they love him.

Marta and John’s advice to others is never to doubt the intelligence of a patient, even if they are not always able to verbalize.

Marta says, “We truly appreciate all the support we have received from the Precision Ketogenic Team”

Author: Julie Barber