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Who is a pediatric candidate for PKT?

The Division of Pediatric Neurology at UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital is distinguished for treating a large population of children with epilepsy. Both the pediatric epilepsy specialists and general pediatric neurologists treat children with first-time seizures and those with straightforward epilepsy syndromes.

Ketogenic therapy, or keto, can be tried by children whose seizures have not responded well to prescribed seizure medications. 

Children with the following conditions may enjoy a reduction in seizures through following the keto diet:

Keto is also available in a g-tube diet as well as a formula-only diet for infants. It's crucial that the diet is followed strictly, just like prescription medicine, and requires the cooperation and support of caregivers with the KetoBuddy members of Dr. Borum’s lab. Together, we can work to support healthy children and happy families by reducing seizures with the keto diet.