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Lab Member Spotlight - Harleen Kahlon

Picture of Harleen Kahlon

Harleen Kahlon

Borum Lab

Clinical Team

Nutritional Sciences

Harleen has passed the one-year mark in the Borum Lab!

She has 3 KetoBuddy patients.  She is the Co-leader of the Diet Prescription and Recipes Team and a Member of the Borum Lab Leaders Team.

I am a nutritional sciences major and am on the Pre-med track. I hope to become a hospitalist, and am currently interested in specializing in endocrinology.

The experiences that I have gained in the Borum Lab have been incredibly valuable to the development of the skills necessary to become a physician. The level of patient interaction that I have been able to experience has immensely improved my understanding of effective communication with people of various backgrounds. Our frequent discussions of patients with different medical conditions have exposed me to a wide variety of diseases and disorders and have helped me better understand what it takes to personalize medical treatments. Interactions with providers and professionals have also given me first-hand experience in understanding the healthcare system.

Being a KetoBuddy has been incredibly fulfilling. I love the opportunity that we have to contribute to longitudinal patient care; reaching a point of truly understanding a patient’s preferences and background dramatically improves the quality of patient care. Being a KetoBuddy requires lots of attention to detail and respect for different perspectives and beliefs.

Attending clinic visits is one of my favorite aspects of the Borum Lab. It is incredibly inspiring to see the extent to which many patients’ families have advocated for their loved ones and to be a part of a team working to find solutions to difficult circumstances. I also enjoy making recipes for patients, especially when I can make a recipe or incorporate a food item that I know the patient loves! Being a clinical leader has also been a wonderful experience, as I have been able to train new members and watch many of them excel in the lab.

Someone considering becoming a clinical member of the Borum Lab should ask themselves how much time they are willing to dedicate to their patients. Lab members who are constantly thinking about their KetoBuddies and ways they can improve their care gain the most valuable experiences in return. Students considering joining the clinical team should also be aware of the resilience it requires; our patients are complex and their healing is often not linear.

I am incredibly grateful for the experiences I have had in the Borum Lab; in just one year, I have learned so much about what it means to dedicate oneself to patient care. I have an immense amount of respect for the PKT team, our patients, and their families, and am looking forward to continuing my work in the lab!