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Staff Spotlight - Paige Applegate

Picture of Paige Applegate
Paige Applegate
Front End Developer
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

I am the font end developer of the website.  I manage, update, and create/design the webpages and the blogs. Originally, I worked with the lab when I was an undergraduate at UF as a computer science student.

I first learned about the Borum lab when I was an undergraduate at UF and was looking for an advisor for my senior project. My group at the time reached out to Dr. Borum and she accepted our proposal. At the time I worked on the data visualization team and created graphs that would help patients understand the data that they were being presented. After graduating it always stuck with me how much Dr. Borum cared for the project and helping those in need of the PKT program. In 2022 she reached out asking if I would be interested in filling the roll as a front end developer for her website and I was thrilled to accept and to continue to help out.

To help spread info about the PKT program as well as being a resource for those who are interested or are currently involved in the program

In the long term, the biggest thing to look forward to is eventually having the cookbook database available on the website. In the more short term, updates to the blog (recently we have had the addition of the wonderments blog), continuous updates to the pages to improve user experience, possibly a featured patient section on the front page