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Lab Member Spotlight - Amy Xie

Amy Xie
Borum Lab
Clinical Data Team
Biology Major

Amy has passed the 1 year mark in the Borum Lab!

She has been a KetoBuddy and now focuses on the data collected from patients.

Amy first learned about PKT as a student in my freshman Cure Class. That was the semester everything changed due to COVID19. Amy joined the rest of us in learning to do everything via Microsoft Teams. After being a KetoBuddy for a period of time she decided to focus more on her Bioinformatics minor and now is part of the Clinical Data Team.

Foextra credit, students choose from more than 100 potential topics or submit a proposal for a different topic. The topic is reviewed and discussed in a paper using peerreviewed sources.  

Thanks to Amy for being quick on her feet as we have adapted to our changing world. The smile has helped too. – Dr. Borum


Amy, I can not believe is has been over a year!  Thank you for your commitment – Julie Barber