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The KetoGators are a group of undergraduates at the University of Florida Ketogenic Therapy Research Program (UFKTRP) who provide support and assistance to caregivers (CG) and health care professionals (HCP) administering the therapy. Each CG is assigned one KetoBuddy, from the KetoGators, to provide support and assistance while on the UFKTRP. The KetoBuddy contacts the family about once a week to obtain patient information, to provide new meals or meal ideas, and to provide support. The KetoGators attend each patient’s clinic visit at the General Clinical Research Center (GCRC) and conduct the primary interview for the CG at each of these visits.  The KetoGator provides information obtained at a GCRC visit in a Comprehensive Epilepsy Form (CEF) as well as information obtained from weekly contacts from CG to HCP to improve comprehensive assessment of each patient’s progress.

Tailoring the Ketogenic Therapy To Meet the Needs of Our Patients

Every patient that joins the Ketogenic Therapy has different nutritional and dietary needs, taste preferences, medical needs, and family requests. The KetoGators help tailor the therapy for each patient to meet the needs of the family. We try to make the therapy as easy, palatable, accommodating, and rewarding as possible.

KetoGators help families address a variety of issues while they are on the therapy:

Issues or Needs
Goals & Solutions from the KetoGators
Not receiving all necessary calories because meals are too large
Create smaller meals and more frequent meals.
Gagging; need for thicker consistency
Incorporate different textures into meals by adding baby oatmeal to thicken up spoon fed meals.
Tired of the same foods; dislike or prefer certain foods
Create a menu of several options to cater to food preferences. Incorporate a small amount of favorite foods so the KetoKid can get the taste of the food without altering the ratio.
Cheating; family/friends giving food not calculated in the diet prescription
Incorporate snacks and provide education for family and friends.
Getting hungry at certain times of the day
Include snacks to alleviate hunger
Abnormal lipids panels
KetoGator Healthy Fat Blend- a blend of olive oil, canola oil, Microlipid, and MCT oil that reflects the American Heart Association’s recommendations.
Wanting to eat meals that the family or children at school are eating
Incorporate meals to reflect “family favorites” or holiday favorite meals. See our Meal Making webpage for meals like “Mockaroni” and Cheese, Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli, Vanilla Custard, Meatloaf and Gravy, Cream of Chicken and Carrot Soup, or Pumpkin Pancakes.
The Family shops for groceries at certain stores and uses specific brands
Since the therapy is so specific, we can create meals that use the specific brands the family uses so they do not need to go out and buy different foods.


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