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What is Ketogenic Therapy?

Ketogenic Therapy has traditionally been used to treat seizures, but is beginning to be used worldwide for many other chronic pathological conditions that involve the brain. Ketogenic Therapy reduces dietary carbohydrate to extremely low amounts while providing recommended dietary protein. The remaining needed calories are provided with dietary fat. Because it changes the diet, it is often referred to as Ketogenic Diet.

Ketosis is a characteristic of Ketogenic Therapy and is monitored to confirm receipt of treatment. However the role of ketones or any other chemical made by the body in making Ketogenic Therapy work is not well understood. Many investigators working in Ketogenic Therapy feel that Ketogenic Therapy is changing the metabolism of the brain rather than simply controlling symptoms.

Similar to drugs, Ketogenic Therapy is a treatment for a specific diagnosis. Unlike drugs, the same compounds used to treat disease must also provide the patient with everything that is needed for health and growth and development in children. The composition and amount of food is strictly controlled. Achieving appropriate weight often occurs during treatment of disease. Would you like to know more?

The KetoGator Fund consists of donations used to achieve the following goals:

1) To conduct research to improve the standard of care of patients receiving Ketogenic Therapy.
2) To extend and continue the usual care that patients on Ketogenic Therapy
3)To understand how Ketogenic Therapy works and translate that knowledge into care that gives better results and is more patient friendly


How will the KetoGator Fund be used to achieve goals ?

1) Treating the disease and providing appropriate nutrients in a personalized manner to an ever changing person is the focus of our research.  This includes constant fine tuning Ketogenic Treatment to provide both disease treatment and nutritional support while preventing any potential side effects of this unusual dietary intake. Would you like to know more?

2) Ketogenic Therapy is not usually available in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit due to lack of data concerning safety and efficacy for this group of patients.  However many parents tell us that they wish Ketogenic Therapy could have been started as soon as seizures began.  We have a Piglet Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that we are using to address the issues of extending Ketogenic Therapy to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Would you like to know more?

3) We are employing the latest research techniques to study the metabolome (thousands of chemicals found in the body) and gut microbiome (many helpful and sometimes not so helpful bacteria and other small organisms in our gut) in patients on Ketogenic Therapy to assist us in understanding exactly what is happening in a patient receiving Ketogenic Therapy.  We will then use that knowledge to improve the effects of Ketogenic Therapy for more patients.  We are also using that knowledge to reduce side effects and to make it easier for patients and their families to incorporate Ketogenic Therapy into their daily lives.

Why the KetoGator Fund

Since there is little money to be made in changing dietary intake, drug companies are not interested in funding.  Much of our work on how Ketogenic Therapy works is at such an early stage that it is not attractive to many funding agencies.  Resources previously available to us for patient visits are now fee for service.  We need a source of funding to be able to continue what we have been doing.

How are donations made to the KetoGator Fund

The KetoGator Fund is administered by the University of Florida Foundation. Donations can be made by clicking here.

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