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What is the KetoGator Food Database?

The KetoGator Food Database is a collection of nutritional information on hundreds of food products found on the market today. It was designed for use in Meal Equivalent calculations-once downloaded; information can be copied directly from the KetoGator Food Database into one of the meal equivalent templates below making it fun and easy to make your own Ketogenic Meals.

The KetoGator Food Database The Food Database is a downloadable file providing the following information about each food product:
1. Name of the food product
2. Protein(g) per 100g of food
3. Fat (g) per 100g of food
4. Carbohydrate (g) per 100g of food

The Meal Equivalent Template This is a template used by the KetoGators to make meals for their patients. It utilizes information found in the Food Database to ensure meals meet the specific diet prescription requirements.

The Snack Equivalent Template This template is similar to the Meal Equivalent Template except that it is designed to calculate the specific amounts for snacks eaten throughout the day.

The Healthy Fat Blend Template This template automatically calculates a perfect balance between four healthy fat products. These healthy fat products include Microlipid, Canola Oil, MCT Oil, and Olive Oil.

The Healthy Fat Blend Snack Template This template replicates the Healthy Fat Blend Template but is designed for snacks.

Sources of Information for the KetoGator Food Database

There are four main sources from which we obtain the data for the KetoGator Food Database: grocery stores, the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Online, fast-food company websites, and company contact. Table 1 describes each source and what information it provides.

Table 1: Sources of Nutritional Information
When/How each source is used
Grocery Stores

Record nutrition information directly from the food labels of food products on the store shelves

Currently obtain information from Albertson's (AL), Sweet Bay (SB), Publix (PB), Winn Dixie (WD), and Super Walmart (SW)

USDA Nutrient Database

Used for information on fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and other flavorings

Fast-food Company Websites

Currently acquire information from Burger King, Chick-fil-a, Wendy's

Obtain nutrition information for components of a meal which can be  incorporated into the patient's diet
(Ex.) "grilled chicken filet" from a "grilled chicken sandwich"

Company Contact

Via email or telephone

The USDA does not require nutrition facts for flavorings, and extracts, therefore we contact the manufacturers of these products in order to obtain that information


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