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One of the most important aspects of research is sharing what you have done. Towards this end, InvestiGators Research Honors Society strives to present their work at numerous venues ranging from local research symposia to international research conferences.

There were 10 InvestiGators that presented 4 abstracts at Experimental Biology 2012! Experimental Biology is an annual meeting of nearly 14,000 scientists from all over the world representing various fields including anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, nutrition, and pharmacology.

Below are links to the 4 abstracts that are being presented by the InvestiGators:

Use of MetaboAnalyst as a tool to study metabolomics data for a dietary intervention study - Geoffrey D. Panjeton, Matthew A. Remz, Hannah J. Allen, David H. Powell, Peggy R. Borum

Metabolic assessment of pediatric patients with chronic disease - Randy B. Leung, John R. Schaub, Daniel S. Klein, Peggy R. Borum

Evaluation of nutrient intake of patients on ketogenic therapy: a pilot study - Hannah J. Allen, Dylan J. Lennon, Neeraj Khiyani, Jurate Lukosaityte, Rowshan Chowdhury, Peggy R. Borum

The response score is a tool that measures patients' response to ketogenic therapy - Hannah J. Allen, Divya Devabhaktuni, Peggy R. Borum


Recently, an InvestiGator and a graduate student from the same lab went to Clinical Nutrition Week 2012. Clinical Nutrition Week is a conference that showcases the most up-to-date knowledge in all facets of clinical nutrition and metabolism. The link to the abstract that they presented is below:

Diet Prescription Tool to Personalize Ketogenic Therapy - Hannah Allen, Dylan Lennon, Peggy R. Borum

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