The InvestiGators Research Honors Society (IG) was founded in 2000 at the University of Florida by Dr. Peggy R. Borum. IG challenges the traditional paradigm of undergraduate research, which typically consists of a student working closely with a graduate student. Dr. Borum works closely with five working groups, comprised entirely of undergraduate students, whom she considers colleagues. IG allows outstanding undergraduate students to be professional clinical, basic, and translational research scientists.

Members of IG learn basic, clinical and translational science through direct experience. In addition to experimental design, careful implementation of experiments, data analysis, and data presentation, IG members must learn how to work together in an interdisciplinary team of peers, including more senior scientists and clinicians. Members learn at an early career stage what the landscapes of academia and medicine are really like, preparing members to leave significant footprints in translational science and clinical care.

Ultimately, IG provides an incubator for professional, personal, and academic development that extend far beyond a member’s undergraduate years. We hope that you take the time to further explore our website to learn more about the InvestiGators and our role in Dr. Peggy Borum’s research programs. If you have any questions about IG, please send us an e-mail at or call us at 352-392-1991 ext. 247.


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