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Giselle Pacheco

As President, I collaborate closely with Dr. Borum and Alex Davila to continuously improve the InvestiGators Research Honor Society. My goal as president is to become a positive example to my colleagues and act as a constant supporter in any projects they may be involved in. As a leader, I hope to influence and inspire all members of the InvestiGators to come together and provide the individualized care that our patients deserve. Other responsibilities include organizing interviews, securing room reservations, University relations, and acting as a link between Dr. Borum, the graduate students, and all members of the InvestiGators.


Alex Davila

As a member of the exec board, I am honored to lead such a great group of undergraduates towards their research goals. Giselle and I work collaboratively towards maintaining the prestige IG has had for years. Though new on the board, as treasurer, I plan on impacting IG positively and hopefully bring about new and innovative ideas to the group.


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