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The Carnitine Team is involved in the lab-side of the translational research performed by the InvestiGators. Our work centers around processing and analyzing data collected from our piglet experiments and patients attending our Ketogenic Therapy clinic at Shands. Our name comes from our interest in elucidating the role of (L)-carnitine in metabolism.  We also have the opportunity to discuss our analyses of the data with Dr. Borum and work together as a team to understand what we are seeing mechanistically from a biochemical perspective. 

If you have any questions about the team, please send an e-mail to, with CARNITINE in the subject header.

Additional Roles: Metabolomics and Fuel Metabolism

Semester Joined: Summer 2012

Major: Microbiology and Cell Science, Food Science and Human Nutrition-Nutritional Sciences

Future Plans: Medical School or Graduate School

Scott Cohen

As I complete my first year being a part of the Carnitine team, I am currently exploring the area of fuel metabolism with its relation metabolomics and the human microbiome. This involves researching the composition of diet and how that affects metabolic activity after dietary intake as well as overall dietary lifestyle. This information can be helpful when studying the metabolic status and health of individuals, including our KetoGator and Gator populations.

Along with that, I am involved with the separating of plasma and red blood cell components in the KetoGator patient population, which ultimately is the first step in preparing the samples for metabolomics analysis. Furthermore, I am also involved in defining the GI microbiome and metabolome using the piglet model and studying the contributions this structure adds to the human and piglet metabolism.

After one year, the InvestiGators has allowed me to be on the frontier of knowledge in finding new information about metabolism and diet composition and has given me the opportunity to directly change the lives of people who live with chronic diseases every single day.

Additional Roles: CRC Coordinator, Metabolome, Microbiome, Piglet, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and Epilepsy Working Groups

Semester Joined: Summer B 2013

Major: Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

Future Plans: Medical or Graduate School

Michael Jones

As a member of the Piglet Team, I have the opportunity to work in the PNICU implementing our piglet model. I was involved with our most recent experiment in which we gathered baseline data for our future experiments. Specifically, my responsibility was to process and collect the piglet blood samples as well as process tissues and organs.

Currently, we are gearing up for the next stage of experimentation in which we will conduct a nine day experiment. I am training for the extended roles that will accompany this experiment such as survival surgery and feeding the piglet. Our overall goal is to determine the safety of the Ketogenic Diet in a neonate; the piglet's physiological resemblance to humans as well as our focus on making our PNICU very much like a hospital will allow us to determine this.

I also have the privilege of processing the blood samples received from our Pediatric Epilepsy patients at the UF Health Clinical Research Center. Our patients endure the pain of a blood draw for us, and in return we must do everything in our power to better understand and treat their condition.

Additional Roles: Microbiome and Piglet Working Groups

Semester Joined: Spring 2014

Major: Microbiology and Cell Science

Future Plans: Graduate School

Marc Ferrell

Even though I started only six weeks ago, I already have a real role in this research group. Most my experience here has been training, but soon I will be involved in processing patient blood determining the effect of ketogenic therapy on piglets. I am also working on a database to compare among populations defined by diet, age, and host species. The data this lab collects is more specific and comprehensive than any other diet studies I've heard of, and I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Additional Roles: Metabolome and Piglet Working Groups

Semester Joined: Spring 2014

Major: Biochemistry

Future Plans: Medical School

Pooja Kethireddy

I am currently working in the piglet group and a good portion of my time is spent learning and practicing the skills that are needed to perform the experiment. I also am responsible for entering diet data information into our system NDSR. I am excited to be working in this lab because there is so much to do and everything task I am given plays a major role in attaining the lab's ultimate goals.




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