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Spring application cycle is now closed. The next application cycle and Meet & Greet will occur at the beginning of Summer A.




The InvestiGators applications are available to undergraduate students currently enrolled at the University of Florida with at least five semesters, including summers, remaining until graduation.

Members are required to devote at least 20 hours per week to the InvestiGators until time of graduation, including summers. This amount of time is necessary in order to train and become familiar with the lab's data and procedures, as well as for members to have personal projects for manuscripts, theses and posters.

Applicants must carry a GPA of at least 3.0 and take a challenging course load.


What We Are Looking For

We are looking for motivated individuals who are serious about gaining meaningful research experience. We strongly encourage freshmen and sophomores to apply.


The Process

  • You will receive a confirmation email shortly after you submit your application. Review of your application may take up to a day.

  • During this time and most importantly, after Drop/Add has concluded, we request that your finalized class schedule along with other commitments be emailed to to aid in the process of scheduling primary interviews for you and all applicants. Please send your schedules as either GIF, JPEG, or JPG images or within a word document. We accept all word document formats. A reminder to submit your class schedule is included in the application.

  • You should frequently check your inbox after submission for an e-mail regarding the time of your primary interview if your application was accepted.  This is only a tentative time, please be sure to respond and confirm the time. The sooner you send in the application, the more convenient your time will be.  The primary interviews are usually held from 6 PM until 11 PM during the week. 

  • Please come dressed in business casual attire and prepared to answer personal questions during the interviews.  Background knowledge regarding the InvestiGators will be helpful. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about what you see on our website; simply e-mail with your questions.

  • Step One: The Primary Interview

    • The primary interview focuses on the general applicant. It will also serve as a means for applicants to ask any questions that they may have about the InvestiGators and the opportunities and work involved.

    • The interview lasts approximately 15 minutes. Generally, the questions for the primary interview focus on the applicant's experiences and motivation and allow the InvestiGators to get a general impression on whether the applicant would fit well in InvestiGators. From there, an applicant may be passed onto secondary interviews. After the primary interview, applicants should check their e-mail frequently in order to receive the results of their interview, and confirm that the secondary interview time they are assigned works for them if they are passed on

    Step Two: The Secondary Interview

    • The secondary interview is more specific and focuses on individual's personal attributes and potential assets they could bring to the InvestiGators. It will last approximately 25 minutes. The questions are more team focused and personal, concentrating on dependability and follow-up questions about strengths and weaknesses identified during the first interview. All members currently in the InvestiGators Research Honors Society will be present at the secondary interview. If a vast majority of members support an applicant following the secondary interview, they will notify Dr. Borum for a tertiary interview.

    • After the secondary interview, applicants should check their e-mail frequently in order to receive the results of their interview, and confirm that the tertiary interview time they are assigned works for them if they are passed on.

    Step Three: The Tertiary Interview

    • The tertiary interview is conducted by Dr. Borum. It is a one-on-one interview with the applicant, the length may vary. It will cover an applicant's potential within our organization. Dr. Borum then makes the final decision whether the applicant will become a member of the InvestiGators Research Honor Society. Accepted applicants are notified via a phone call and/or e-mail.


    If you have any questions, please e-mail


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