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The KetoGator Team works with pediatric epilepsy patients who are receiving Ketogenic Therapy for intractable epilepsy. They work with the University of Florida Ketogenic Therapy Research Program and Shands Neurology. Their main goals are to (1) improve patient care and (2) further understand the mechanisms of the Ketogenic Therapy. At times the diet can be time-consuming to administer and frustrating to the patients because of the severe carbohydrate restrictions. To help the patients and families with this, the KetoGators provide support by maintaining an extensive food and drug database for meal-making and patient care. Additionally, they provide educational materials to facilitate administration of the therapy. The KetoGators attend clinic and gather data from patients for research analysis. This data is entered into a population database which compiles information about patient growth, medications, seizures, and diet.


If you have any questions about the team, please send an e-mail to, with KETOGATOR in the subject header.

Additional Roles: Metabolome and Epilepsy Working Groups, IG President

Semester Joined: Fall 2012

Major: Microbiology and Cell Science

Future Plans: Medical School

Giselle Pacheco

As a member of the Epilepsy Working Group, I am focused on providing the best possible form of Ketogenic Therapy for our patients. The team collaborates with Dr. Borum, Graduate Students, and healthcare professionals to study the effects of this diet in a pediatric population diagnosed with intractable epilepsy. I am also involved in the creation of the Keto Cookbook that will be made available to patients, families, and other Ketogenic Therapy centers. As a member of the Metabolome Working Group, I am collaborating with Dr. Borum on a personal project analyzing the metabolomics and blood plasma values received from yearly blood draws 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours after a patient consumes their ketogenic therapy meal since their initiation onto the diet. We hope to correlate this data to seizure response and other parameters.

Additional Role: Epilepsy and Prader-Willi Syndrome Working Groups

Semester Joined: Spring 2013

Major: Nutritional Science

Future Plans: Missionary Work and Medical School

Alex Davila

As a member of the Ketogator Team, we, as whole, work towards one specific goal, which is to improve the quality of life for our patients. Being able to partake in a child's journey in incorporating Ketogenic Therapy to their daily lives from beginning to end has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this lab. Every phase involving the patient on this therapy is inputted into our databases to provide a more efficient way to interpret the data for the research conducted in our lab. Aside from attending clinic at the GCRC, I mainly have been working on entering diet recalls or seizure records into our databases, meal-making for our patients, preparing clinic visits, and entering post-clinic data. I am grateful to have the opportunity to alongside Dr. Borum and our graduate students to provide the highest quality of care for our patients. I can honestly say that I am part of something so much bigger to life. As time progresses, I look forward to developing a keen understanding of the mechanisms behind Ketogenic Therapy that is improving the quality of our patient's lives.

Additional Roles: Epilepsy Working Group

Semester Joined: Spring 2014

Major: Food Science and Human Nutrition - Nutritional Sciences

Future Plans: Medical School

Esther Olasoji

As a new member of the InvestiGators, I have already received training that has shown me the immense knowledge that can be found through simple data collection that is often overlooked. I am currently working on processing and inputting patient and nutrition data that help to create recipes used to administer Ketogenic Therapy to our patients with intractable epilepsy. I will be partaking in the new patient initiations that we are undergoing. I am excited to be involved in the new patient initiations as I will be able to follow their progress from the beginning and be able to reflect on how both I and the patients have grown as the year goes on.


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